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Stop the Rezone (again)

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The developers, who just three years ago tried to take Bondi's much-loved tennis courts away – and failed! -- are back. This time they are trying to pitch a huge 40 residential complex as being good for the local area and are arguing (once again) that the 70+ year old tennis courts are somehow not viable and need to go.

Nothing has changed in the three years since the community, Council and the State Government rejected this rezoning application.  Yet, driven by a rapacious profit motive, the developers have returned. And once again we, the community, are here to say NO to the rezone. 

  • Because Waverley, Australia's most densely populated LGA, needs more recreation space, not more apartments and
  • More traffic congestion and parking pressure is not what we need, or want.

Join the campaign and we'll let you know how you can help in the coming weeks.

Count me in to Stop the Rezone!

Yes, i'd like to take action and stop the rezone and save Bondi's Tennis Courts from the developers (again)

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