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Say NO to rezoning the Bondi Tennis Courts

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The developers, who just three years ago failed to take Bondi's much-loved tennis courts away, are back again.

This time they're saying a 45+ apartment complex is more "appropriate" for the area than the tennis courts that the community have played on for more than 50 years. Waverley Council have rejected their Planning Proposal (aka Spot Rezoning) for the third time recently. Despite this, the developers have again taken their proposal to the State Government where they are awaiting the new Planning Minister's approval for the rezoning process to begin (aka to proceed to the Gateway).

Nothing has changed in the three years since the community, Council and the State Govt overwhelmingly rejected this rezoning application. Yet the developers have returned seeking what would be a massive financial windfall should the rezoning go ahead. And once again we, the community, are here to say NO to the rezone. 

We have just a few days to let Minister Pru Goward know how we feel. No Rezone, no way. We say Racq Off to the developers (and to Spot Rezones too!)

Ask Planning Minister Pru Goward to SAVE Bondi Tennis Courts

Add your name and address (it has much more weight to the Minister) to the email below and add a message to Pru Goward (ideas in the email tips) on why you think this rezone should not go ahead. If you're a planning type perhaps let the Minister know what you think of spot rezones generally! Please be polite, the Minister inherited this farcical rezone and has the power to throw it out.

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Arguments for why you'd like the rezone denied ... (cut and paste or – even better!) say it in your own words. BUT be polite – Minister Goward has inherited this terrible process and needs our support to change it.

  • Waverley is Australia's most densely populated LGA and therefore needs more recreation space, not more apartments;
  • Waverley does not need this land to achieve their housing targets as set out in the Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036
  • Increased traffic congestion and evening parking pressure cannot be supported;
  • The courts have been there for generations with some patrons playing on them fo 50 years. Most of the surrounding housing was built AFTER the tennis courts existed;
  • This Planning Proposal has been the subject of the controversial Pre-Gateway Review that benefits the developers over local Councils and communities.  This Review is fundamentally flawed, causes uncertainty and encourages speculation within the community. The Department of Planning has itself acknowledged this with the Assistant Planning Minister Rob Stokes recommending a review of the process. He has said it "[provides] endless backdoor opportunities for disreputable developers to push their proposals'', and  "where a spot rezoning is all about the developer's interest and the case for public interest is not crystal clear and compelling, it simply should not happen". 

Our Goal: 500 Racq Offs!

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