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Planning for the people!

Join us in calling on the major parties to stand by their promise to give planning back to the people. So far after one term we've seen the Liberal party repeat many of the mistakes of the previous Labor government in NSW.

This election we're sending a BIG message to the Liberal party via an open letter from the people of NSW.  We say hands off our local communities! We want our say back and we'll vote for the party that gives it to us! 

We're calling on them to show us they mean it this time by rejecting the current rezone applications and oversized developments in the Waverley area.

Chip in below to add your name and fund the open letter campaign.

Fund our open letter

Chip in as much or as little as you can. We need to raise $10,000 by the 15th so dig deep and spread the word! The letter will surmise the points above and in our email to you. We'll send you the letter before it goes out and welcome your ideas below!

Our Goal: $10000

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